Varil Nilleel

Passionate, charming, witty, quick and deadly.


At a glance, Varil’s lineage of being half Efreet would be fairly easy to pass over. Not a lot stands out of the ordinary as far as human appearance is concerned. This is in part due to the bandanna worn around his head at most times that covers a fair amount of his face, but also because there is a distance wholly physical betwixt the two. Beneath the dirty and worn bandanna, he wears his hair shaggy and slightly below shoulder length. Hair that absent the dirt and disheveledness glows faintly blonde, albeit not a whole lot brighter than it does with the dirt. An equally colored beard crawls up the lower half of his face, thicker towards the chin than the cheeks. As if kept cropped and tidy despite an aversion of taking appearances too seriously. The strongest attribute that ties Varil to his Efreet ancestors are his eyes. Deep and burning opals of a swirling amber, constantly shifting and catching light even when there is none to reflect. They betray his tough demeanor at times, showing his true sensitivity and passion.


Varil Nilleel

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