Iriesol Lithorsoen

Elven ranger


Standing 6 feet tall,weighing 124 lb, triumphs the ranger named Iriesol Lithorsoen. Light green eyes, long brown hair and an appetite for drinking, he has a strong love for beasts enough to make magical beasts for 2 of his companions. His current companion is a massive owlbear named Mr. Whiskers who is wearing armor made for a dire crocodiles skin and a belt of heavy load.


Iriesol was raised by a group of traveling hunters his adoptive parents took him in an raised him as their own. His mother figure, Elisera Er’Edhel found him beneath a tree at the base of the Cragwar mountain. She was an elven Hunter an trapper an brought him up as her own training him to hunt, trap and fur the creatures around Breland. His father Jequar was a hunt master and had his own personal hunting party. He taught Iriesol many things about how to trek through the wilderness with ease and to target his opponents weak spots. Quickly gaining a hatred for Kobolds he turned to use them as practice targets. After he turned 23 he unknowingly discovered the ulterior motive. His community or hunters was doubling as a guild of theives and assassin’s. To be continued.

Iriesol Lithorsoen

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